• The services provided by NPs, midwives, and PAs are of vital importance to the population and to the nation’s health care system.
  • As key primary care providers for patients, NPs, midwives, and PAs are in an especially good position to decrease the risks and consequences of unintended pregnancy, a major national health goal.
  • Reintegrating abortion care into primary care, family practice, and comprehensive patients’ health care services will increase patients’ access to safe, early abortion care.
  • Numerous studies document that NPs, midwives, and PAs are safe, competent providers of abortion care.
  • NPs, midwives, and PAs already routinely perform many procedures that are at least as complex as early aspiration abortion.
  • NPs, midwives, and PAs face many barriers in their efforts to integrate abortion care into their practices. However, important advances include expanding training opportunities, legal and regulatory victories, and increasing support within professional associations.

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